Mith Chhan portrait

Mith Chham is a young looking woman, the leader of the Older People Association (OPA) of the village Sam Roang Snor, near Battambang city. She has been OPA leader since 2006, when she was elected. She still does some other work for the community for money, and her daughter doubted her being OPA leader, since there is no payment for that. She tells about her life, and how she always was working, climbing up along the years to team leader in a german factory, when Pol Pot came to power. One of her babies, her husband and her mother died during the Khmer rouge period. She always lived in this village, and knows everyone here. She lives in the house of her youth, her daughter and grandchildren on the ground floor, and she upstairs. They cook together, and she teaches her daughter to grow their own vegetables there. Her daughter is a teacher, her son a police officer. She is happy that she has little sickness or physical pain. When there is something wrong, she goes to the health center. She exercises a lot, and got some training in a healthy life by Helpage. She is worried about the future, when her eyesight will go bad and she cannot earn anything anymore. But she hopes her children will take care for her then.

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