About us

Institute Aetatis researches international the ageing of the world population. It offers scientific research in all aspects of ageing. The research method is derived from anthropology. We use fourth generation evaluation as a method of representation and art as a way to present the results. We offer in this area research, consultancy and projects on social innovation.

Institute Aetatis is an Initiative of The Faketory. And is based in Amsterdam and Sao Paulo.

The Faketory is an international oriented Art Studio. Creative and art director Martijn Crowe started The Faketory / De Oplichterij in Rotterdam in 1999 with Michiel Hogerhuis. It became famous within a year for its strange exhibition of art, artists, poets, musicians, books and good coffee. The Faketory started a branch in Antwerp, São Paulo and Amsterdam. Apart from painting and working with photography and video to create art, Martijn Crowe started working with homeless people, teenagers, drag queens and elderly around the world. He holds a Phd, in Anthropology and has an academic formation in the production of arts. He combines anthropological research, social art projects and consultancy on these topics. His work can be characterised as research into “la condition humain.” The human condition.

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