In events we have a long trackrecord, since starting our art studio The Faketory in 2001. By creating events, we inspire people, engage your audience, and make your idea known to the world. 


To engage with your audience, to involve people, to the point that they are interested and interacting with the things you do is something we achieve by organizing festivals. Festivals are a way to inspire and engage by art, music, and performance.

A few of our most succesfull festivals are:logo gespuis

Gespuis, a street long festival in the centre of Amsterdam in cooperation with Municipality of Amsterdam. We turned over 50 shops into galleries and exposition space with over 100 artists.

Dhaka social art festival, a festival in Dhaka art centre, with all kinds of social groups participating in the high class Dhaka Art Centre. Showing all the faces of the divers city of Dhaka.

Inspiration Days

What is the issue?

We are focused on daily life business in order to survive and get lost in daily business. We live unchallenged because we work with our colleagues who have the same value system and the same experiences we have. More over, just because daily life is difficult enough we keep alternatives away and surround us with people who share the same experiences and values as we have.

To address this, we as consultants organize the inspiration-days.

What is the added value?

We come with new concepts, new arrangements and other possibilities to look at the same subject.

We bring people who are inspirational by what they do and achieve.

We give the possibility to share these and your own insights with your colleagues from other organizations. For this we keep the days small in number, the maximum of attendants we allow is 100.

People never convince but always inspire.