Martijn Crowe


Martijn works as researcher, artist,  writer and and is a director of Institute Aetatis. He is a therapist and holds a PhD in Cultural Anthropology. He has experience in working as a consultant in the area of the development of organisations. He works with individuals and with groups. In his artwork, he combines videos with photos and paintings, the combination of different modern media in his work is new and compelling. He displays his projects on different web sites.  The subjects he chooses are always social, reflecting the human condition. For him every image is a portrait of someone and can only be realized after really meeting the person. The relation and the connection the artist has with his subject forms the art that Martijn Crowe makes, and not the portrait or painting that results from it.

Based in his studios in Amsterdam and Sao Paulo, Martijn portrays the unseen people and the unseen artifacts of the world. People like Drag Queens, the Homeless, Children in back-lace situations and Elderly people. By looking for other possible definitions of the artifacts he portrays, he is creating a world that is beyond the common world and always raises the immaculate question: “How real is real?” In Martijn’s works it is not a question what his art means, but always what effect it has on you as a participant in the never ending process of experiencing the world.

Publishing house: Uitgeverij de Oplichterij



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