The Faketory Foundation

Name:  The Faketory Foundation (or Stichting The Faketory)

The Faketory Foundation’s main goal:

The Faketory Foundation based in Amsterdam aims to create productions that improve the lives of certain groups in society who suffer from social exclusion through the creation of social art and scientific research. These groups consist mainly, but not exclusively of the elderly, young people in disadvantaged situations, the homeless and the LGBTQ community.

The Faketory strives to devote all gifts and donations to the actual help for mentioned groups. The Faketory does not have a remuneration policy. All tasks carried out by board members and volunteers are carried out on a voluntary basis. The foundation does not intend to profit from any productions made possible through funding.

Sabya van Elswijk
(Joint authorisation)
Martijn van Oorschot
(Joint authorisation)
Alexis Niemeijer
(Joint authorisation)





Due to the recent founding of The Faketory Foundation, there are no existing records of  completed tasks or financial accountability. For access to our current policy, please refer to the link posted below:

The Faketory Foundation Policy 2017