This is Sophia Katun, she is 92 years old. She is a lady who can tells us about the way Dhaka changed since she came to live there. The house where she lives in now, was built by her eldest son, and every son of hers has one floor of the building. She lives in one too, helped by her servants and family. When she moved here with her husband, who was in governmental service, the space was a big plot with fruit trees, and she made it into a beautiful garden. Their neighborhood is very central, Dhaimondi in Dhaka, and at that time people had houses with a lot of land. They lived there with their families. Throughout the years almost all of those plots were lost to real estate developers and high apartment buildings.
Most of her children live abroad, and she has nine grandsons and one granddaughter. Three of her sisters, all younger, are still alive and living in Bangladesh. One of her cousins tells about her: “She is the most energetic of them all. We all love her, she is like our loving mother of all.” In her life, she has been teaching Bangla to children, and became the headmistress of a school in Dhaka. Now, she spends her days mostly in her television room, where she watches TV, and writes about her life. She has published five books.



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