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  • Senhor Joao and Dona Antonia

    Senhor Joao and Dona Antonia

      Senhor Joao and Dona Antonia have been married for 22 years now, they live with their 2 dogs. Joao is 90 years old and Antonia 73, when they met they were 68 and 51 years old. Joao has had many different jobs, learned to be a shoemaker, had his own shop which he later […]

  • Sophia


      This is Sophia Katun, she is 92 years old. She is a lady who can tells us about the way Dhaka changed since she came to live there. The house where she lives in now, was built by her eldest son, and every son of hers has one floor of the building. She lives […]

  • Nienke’s pick: Luus Paternotte

    Nienke’s pick: Luus Paternotte

    This is Luus Paternotte. For the full post click the link below. Luus Paternotte I like this post because I feel it shows what is to me the strangest misconception about ageing: that somehow there is an age at which you suddenly change from a young personĀ into an older person and you’re supposed to start […]