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  • Mith Chham

    Mith Chham

    Mith Chham is a young looking woman, the leader of the Older People Association (OPA) of the village Sam Roang Snor, near Battambang city. She has been OPA leader since 2006, when she was elected. She still does some other work for the community for money, and her daughter doubted her being OPA leader, since […]

  • Terrorism and Mrs. Oi Roth

    Terrorism and Mrs. Oi Roth

    We went to Siem Reap in the┬áNorth of┬áCambodia to talk with elderly in a rural environment. We were not prepared for what we would encounter in Siem Reap. It is small city with 250.000 inhabitants. This small town is totally dominated by the tourist industry, receiving 2,3 million tourists in one year. Hotels from 800 […]