Staff’s picks: Why and a call for participation

When I started working for the Faketory and looked at the “elderly of the world” website, I was amazed and quite overwhelmed by how much material and content was there. I decided to approach it as if I was reading a book and not as if I was flipping through, let’s say, a shopping website. I tried to give each post time, and to see what are the chapters I find the most intriguing. I work as a lector in a publishing house and when writing my reviews on manuscripts I tend to try and remember if something in this book was especially moving for me. The same was true for me while reading the website: some posts were more memorable. I believe we should engage with what we find personally interesting and therefore we, the Faktory staff, will share with you our personal interests. We would love to hear from anyone reading this post about his/hers. Join us and engage.








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